Vision Plans


Better than VSP, It is better because:

  • Better Value, Lower Monthly Premiums
  • Annual Eye exams
  • No deductibles or copays
  • Easy to understand, no corporate bureaucracy or red tape
  • Better Service (Most eyeglasses same day or next day delivery)
  • Better coverage on either of 2 plans
    1. Generous frame or contact lens allowance
    2. Standard Frame and lenses fully covered, no out of pocket costs
    3. Lower cost on all lens add-ons

Plan A: Eyeglasses - $19.99/Month per person

  • Comprehensive Eye exam (annual, eyeglasses only) with no copay
  • $20.00 copay for contact lens exam (Includes both eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions)
  • $100.00 Frame or Contact Lenses allowance
  • Standard frame and lenses fully covered, no copay (Every 2 years)
  • Any lens add-on only $59.00 per add-on:
    1. Polycarbonate lenses
    2. Anti-reflection coating
    3. Ultra-violet coating
    4. Polarized lenses
    5. Premium progressive lenses
    6. Sun Sensitive lenses (Photochromic)
    7. All Transition products only $85.00
Annual Eye Exam at Alabama Family Optometry

Plan B: Eyeglass and Contact Lenses - $34.99/Month per person

Annual Eye Exam at Alabama Family Optometry

Includes everything found in Plan A, plus the following:

  • Annual Comprehensive Eye Exam with no copay (Eyeglass and Contact lens prescriptions)
  • Annually eligible for Contact Lens benefits
  • $100.00 Frame allowance & $150.00 Contact Lens Allowance
    Eyeglass eligibility (Bi-annual), Contact Lens eligibility (Annual)
  • No deductibles or copays