Contact lensesĀ are a comfortable way to correct vision for those who doesn't want to wear glasses full time. AFO offers contact lenses with best quality and lowest price in Alabama

Contact Lenses

Tired of wearing eyeglasses all the time? Try contact lenses!

Contact lenses are a great alternative to eyeglasses, and give the individual the benefits of crisp, clear, vision without the hassle of wearing spectacles.

For higher prescriptions, contact lenses provide greater visual performance and increase the cosmetic appeal of the individual by reducing magnification in farsighted prescriptions and increasing magnification for nearsighted individuals. This creates a more natural look without the distortion caused from prescription eye wear. You benefit cosmetically and visually through contact lenses.

When someone is looking at you while wearing contact lenses, they see you as you really are without the distortion caused by the optical effects of spectacle lenses which magnify or minify your eyes depending on the prescription. As an alternative to spectacles, contact lenses provide an individual the most natural, normal vision attainable. Contact Lenses should never be worn as a substitute for eyeglasses, but may be worn for up to 12-14 hours a day. Contact Lenses should be removed in the evening once home, cleaned and disinfected, and spectacles worn to alleviate any corneal stress associated with contact lens wear.

There are 2 main categories of contact lenses - HARD and SOFT.

  • Hard lenses are small, rigid, lenses that fit directly and centrally onto the eye and provide vision correction superior to spectacles. Hard lenses require a bit more time to adapt than soft lenses due to the fact there is something rigid being worn in the eye, but usually after a week the sensation of wearing them is gone and the patient reports good comfort and clear vision.
  • Soft lenses are larger and more flexible than hard lenses and provide almost immediate comfort and good vision for the individual. There are 3 main types of soft contact lenses available depending on the patient's prescription. The 3 types of lenses are Spherical, Toric, and Bifocal soft contact lenses.

These lenses are also disposable and have a usable life of usually 1-4 weeks, and may be worn daily or extended depending on the brand, material, and FDA rating.

  • Spherical soft lenses encompass the Lion's share of the soft lens market and correct most prescriptions with no or low amounts of astigmatism.

  • Toric lenses correct prescriptions with higher amounts of astigmatism and provide vision comparable to spectacles.

  • Bifocal soft contact lenses correct for distance and reading at the same time and in the same lens eliminating the need for readers while wearing the contacts providing clear vision far away and up close.

Contact lenses don't have to be expensive, and at AFO1H they are not!

Our prices are transparent and fair, and some of the lowest to be found anywhere!

Our contact lens exams are affordable and includes instruction and training in insertion and removal of the contact lenses, and a free pair of trial lenses so you can experience them out in the real world without the obligation of having to buy a supply before you know for sure that contact lenses are right for you.

Schedule an Exam today to see if contact lenses are a good option for you.

Reordering your contact lens supply is made easy and convenient by clicking on the contact lens tab, selecting "contact lens ordering" and following the prompts.


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