Comprehensive Vision Plans


Freedom plan


  • Comprehensive Eye Exam
  • Standard Frame up to $169.00
  • Progessive Lenses
  • 1 Add-on

Patriot plan


  • Comprehensive Eye Exam
  • Standard Frame up to $169.00
  • 7x28 Tri-focal Lenses
  • 1 Add-on

Liberty plan


  • Comprehensive Eye Exam
  • Standard Frame up to $169.00
  • Flat Top 28 Lenses
  • 1 Add-on

Continental plan


  • Comprehensive Eye Exam
  • Standard Frame up to $169.00
  • Single Vision Lenses
  • 1 Add-on

Patient pays the difference for any frame over $169.00


  • Premium Progessive
  • Photochromic
  • Anti-Reflection
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polarized
  • Blue Blocker
  • * $19.00 Plastic processing fee
  • * $29.00 Polycarbonate processing fee

All Transitions Products Add:


1.59 Index Photogray Flat Top 28's and Tri-focals add:



Alabama family optometry is introducing comprehensive vision plans without the premiums. At AFO, you don’t need vision insurance to obtain quality eye care. We provide comprehensive vision care that includes your eye exam, frame, Lenses and lens add-ons for one low price. Think of it as “Vision Insurance” on demand.

It’s twice the coverage at half the cost of most vision insurance. Vision insurance is expensive and requires you to pay monthly premiums even in the off year, the year when you have no benefits. With our vision packages, you only pay for what you need, when you need it, and you determine how often you use the plan.

No monthly premiums, no copays or deductibles, and no extra out pocket expenses. Just easy, affordable vision care. We can easily help transition you out of your current vision plan by completing a vision reimbursement form for you to submit. After that, cancel your insurance, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a flexible, affordable, vision plan that works for you, on your terms, not theirs.

To find our more about Alabama Family Optometry’s flexible vision plans or to schedule an appointment, call us at (256) 403-6517