We provide 1 hour to same day service as we have full service optical on-site lab. Schedule an appointment, take eye exam and go home with your new glasses on the same day

1 Hour Optical Services

AFO1H offers CONVENIENCE along with Value, Service, and Selection.

That’s why we incorporated a full-service optical lab into our practice.

Our lab is state of the art technology and is capable of producing and filling any eyeglass prescription accurately and quickly that meets or exceeds national government standards for quality and precision.

Most prescriptions can be filled within one hour to same day without sacrificing quality or precision.

Most people have bought into the myth of having to wait 2 weeks for eyeglasses. Most practices tell you this because they send their orders out too large, industrial, wholesale labs to be processed.

These industrial labs fill thousands of orders a day and although it only takes a few minutes to process and complete the prescription, the long wait times for the consumer is mainly due to the fact that their job is in a long que behind thousands of other jobs waiting to be fabricated. The retailer or practice will have you believe the long wait time is due to a long, laborious, and highly technical process when in reality it only takes a few minutes for today’s technology to fill your prescription to high tolerances for quality and performance.

The convenience of an on-site full service lab means a patient can have an eye exam, select their frame and lenses and within an hour be wearing the new prescription.
Put the glasses on, make sure everything performs to your satisfaction and leave with your glasses in hand. All in the same day!

There is a low processing fee for 1 hour to same day service.

In fact, this level of service combined with our value package pricing means you pay the same price for 2 pair of spectacles with us for about the same price as 1 pair anywhere else, and leave with your prescription eyeglasses the same day.

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